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Tales From Germany


This empty bottle on my desktop brings me the thought
of a rainy morning on freeWay with a rented van
Friends and
Instruments, our tale of beerLand Begins allright few
people, activated wait them all with a reason Alex,
friend! and his
band: a beautiful live gig like a broken van filled
with fuel So we load our minds and begin this dirty
show on the club It's
cool to be here, not like stars ...the wave grows so
far But I play with energy, it's not so important
who's watching' me Few
people, activated dance with us, a game in the middle
blonde girls yeah, are shaking their tits, a dream to
realize the
backstage with 2 cold beers and my Italian charm to
put it into her surprise

letra por: Brunêra

Compositor: Actionmen

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