Jen S


You, like me, feel yourself so fuckin' free, fuckin' cool at parties, with friends,don't care about caching some girl.. I've got
the same force hey, You knows that when you'll come back home Someone 'll be there to smile you a certainty
She different, almost. 30 years,
always, horny, excitied out yeah
the tongue's out, but her foggy eyes
can't stop me feeling her lonelynessss
a mask, an excuse, an image to always say yes
torn skin, sad small tits she has got,
but a middle-age man fly her around,
a choiche or not!?
the tongue's out, but her foggy eyes
can't stop me to feel her lonelynessss,
a lechery mask, to hide the sea of doubts:
They bring her around, I feel it, doesn't she know!?
I cry for her, It can take my happiness,
do something more than lickin'
their cumshots jen
Jen, I 've loved her just a minute
but It has been enought.

letra por: Brunêra

Compositor: Actionmen

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