Yesterday I dreamt I was escaping from this cage
My days ahead would be so bright, my life I'd rearrange
But waking up I realized it all remains the same
Cos'every nightmare can be real but dreams are hard to tame

I'll find a place
Elsewhere but here
Where I can live
Far from the fear

Life can lead you into places where you'll feel so strange
Yet nothing should seem so weird as this fate I cannot change
Years roll and pass by just before my angry mind
And every day brings more of what I wish I'd left behind

Elsewhere there is
A place so fair
That in my dreams
I'm always there

Now my body is weakening, ageing charges a toll so high
I know I'll never do most things I haven't done so far
My hair got gray, my sight is turning dark, all movements ache
Still down this land my bones won't rest, this promise I must take

I'll reach a place
Where I'll feel well
To end my days
Far from this hell

Compositor: Paulo Malária

Letra enviada por Helio Jenné

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