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[Verse 1:]
Night is coming for your corrupted mind.
Any shelter, you will nearly die.
Master, master redeem my soul faster.
Dance of death, prepare your black coffin.
Sand of time, you`re now immortal.
Vampire!...Pure soul

I love your painful dying
I love to hear you crying
Thank god for suffering
Torment pain!
Pleasure and pain
Welcome to hell
Soulless voice
Your eternal choice

[Verse 2:]
Soul draining, shameful routine of night.
Light in night, divine beauty of mind.
Charmed, enchanted,secret power in eyes.
Mind control, like a toy in her hand.
One feat, foul snake, whisper my black name.
Just a bite, be my pure butterfly

[Bridge 1:]
Die my little beauty
Die by my hands
I can feel the spell
No one canÂŽt feel the same

[Bridge 2:]
It was the sin
Sin for me
Vampire tear
Is not real.

[Verse 3:]
Hellfull, anguish, engrave vampire hearts
White cross, divine, feeling like seraphine bride.
New choice, draw in wishing well
Sit mihi, lux dulcis
Sit mihi, tera levis
Signum magnum, pereat mundus.

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