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Elected To Suffer


Elected to suffer
Elected to suffer

Any trouble about your health
No problem at all
Sick at heart, liverish
Or on your last legs
Getting' the spare parts carried in stock
All necessary means
For your damaged body only the best
No defective rejects

Elected to suffer
Elected to die

Think about it, might be you
The next donor in line
Who's captured by an ambulance
But in fact it's a hearse
Carrying of to the shambles
Slaughterer's knife
To scrap your body to the last
Just sparing the human wrap

Elected to suffer
Elected to die

Suffer, elected to die
Suffer, to save another life
Suffer, your heart is already sold
Suffer, but why is it me

Stand to reason money rules
This corrupted world
Longing for eternal life supports
The whole bang shoot
We are to face reality
Death is a part of life
Synthetic prolongation of human fate
Reflections of sick brains

Elected to suffer
Elected to die
Elected to suffer
Elected to die

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