Decisions should be taken
Even knowing that it is not the best decision
I can suffer but do not do suffer
It can hurt but do not do hurt
Interfere in something only to jeopardize
I do not want to be mistakes reasons
I just want to have a life
Diabolical intentions surround me
I try to run away from my decisions
That it is right and that it is wrong
Something was perfect ties me appear
Now I feel one demon who destroys feeling
I need run away from or to stay to know the truth ??
They try manipulate me
They try to manipulate my mind
But the distant light will make the difference
It will show the way
It will illuminate my decision
The decision that should be outlet
It does not matter how long pass
How many lives will be born and how many lives will die !!!
In this world a thing is right ...
Decisions should be taken ...

Compositor: Guitaw

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