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There's A Fountain Free


There's a fountain free, tis for you and me
Let us haste, oh haste, to its brink
Tis the fount of love from the source above
And He bids us all, freely drink
Will you come to the fountain free?
Will you come? Tis for you and me
Thirsty soul, here the welcome call
Tis the fountain open for all
There's a living stream with a crystal gleam
From the throne of life now it flows
While the waters roll, let the weary soul
Hear the call that forth freely goes
Repeat Chorus
There's a rock that's cleft and no soul is left
That will not its pure waters share
Tis for you and me and its dream I see
Let us hasten joyfully there
Repeat Chorus (x2)
Tis the fountain open for all

Compositor: Keith Lancaster And Rodney Britt

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