Talk To Jah


Listen up people and let me tell you 'bout the great one
Some call him Jehovah, some call him Yahweh, others call him Allah
But we are the people who call him Jah
But don't matter what you call him, don't forget to call him
And in the midst of your hustle and bustle remember to

Go down to the river end talk to Jah
Talk to Jah

Well way back in the Bible days,
He told the people consider your ways
As you rise and work and pray,
don't forget who helped you see a brand new day
And as you live in fancy home
don't turn your back on Jah you cannot make it alone


Hey mom
As you plant and sow
Hey mom
And no harvest grows
Why mom
This should let you know that he withholds from you
Hey mom
All these blessings here
Hey mom
That you hold so dear
Hey mom
Don't you know from whence they came

Oh, but let me say to all of you
who talk to Jah and he talk to you
You will be strong all across this great big land
because you have the power of his almighty hand
And in the hours of troubled times
you will be given peace of mind because you went


You can talk to Jah, he's not very far
He's been wanting all along to hear from you
All the yang and old feel him in their soul
cause that is where he wants to be

So this is what Jah say to you
The silver's mine and the gold is too
My latter glory's greater still
I'm in your heart and you are in my will
So when you need a chat or two
I will be here and you know what to do

Chorus fade

Go down to the river and talk to Jah
Talk to Jah, talk to Jah

Compositor: George Pendergass

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