Set Me Free


I was alone and imprisoned within my cell
Because of how I lived I had approached the gates of hell
Then Your light comes shining through
There's nothing better You could ever do
Release me by the power in Your hand
Set me free
Set me free
Only You can let it be
Set me free
Set me free
Standing speechless I was trying hard to figure out
How Your love had saved me taken away my doubt
Then I fall down on my knees
All I can tell You is I want to please
My Lord, my God, my Savior shine on me
Set me free from my desires
Set me free from my foolish pride
Set me free from all my selfish thoughts and ways
By the power that's within You
Only You can loose these chains
And deliver me to more fulfilling days
(Chorus x2)
Set me free
Set me free
Free from the shackles of the people that tie me
All the crippling traditions of past that enslave and then blind me
Lord set me free to really know my brother
Set us free to love and honor one another
I sad I wanna be free enough to openly express my feelings
Gotta be free if we wanna be receiving any healing
(Free as a bird to fly away
Free as the sun to greet a brand new day
Free as the stars up in the sky)
Free as the future in a baby's eye
Free to see as far as you can see
Free to be as much as you can be

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