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Once In A Lifetime Love


This is it, now it starts,
Stand and watch the curtain rise.
Now's your chance, here it is,
Standing right before your eyes,
The love is right before your eyes!

Here it is, yeah, yeah, it's true.
And it's all you ever hoped it was.
Let the light shine on in you,
Here it is, your once in a lifetime love.
You can make it now, just take it and don't let go.
Open up your heart, the time has come.
Here it is, your once in a lifetime love!

Once in a lifetime it comes along,
A special moment in your heart!
Well here it is, all for you,
What you've wanted from the start,
The love you've longed for in your heart!

Repeat Chorus

Once in a lifetime love...

Compositor: Words And Music Are By Michael W. Smith Of Paragon Music Corp. And Gary And Rosemary Dunham Of Lifesong Music Press. Rights To Song Are With The Benson Co. Of Nashville, Tn

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