Lead Me To Rest


I was hurting all alone
And I was searching for a comfort
I could find on my own
With no direction, feeling down
My life was heading for disaster
'Til You turned me around
Nothing ever had been able to ease me
When trying to please me
It only pleased me less
But when I learned about the way that You loved me
Had to put your honor above me
And You gave me rest

Lead me to rest, sweet Lord
Lead me to rest
From my journey here
Lead me to rest
The relief I've found
From the burdens that have weighed me down
Lead me to rest

Lead me to rest
What a comfort, what a deal
As I consider what You offered me
How can it be real?
What should I offer in return?
When the value of Your blessings
No one ever could earn
Then You tell me that I'm really forgiven
Got a reason for livin'
And You make it so clear
I'm supported when the Devil would charm me
I'm protected when the evil would harm me
Tell me how can I fear?


In the world my life was slowly sinking
Not attaining true peace at all
Never listening to what You had to say
Now it's fortunate You've changed my thinking
After answering Your loving call
You give me rest that nobody can take away


Lead me to rest, lead me to rest
Lead me to rest, lead me to rest
O Lord won't You lead me
Lead me to rest (repeat)

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