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Criminal On The Cross


Sweet Felloship

Well it was many years ago in the time of the Bible that they took him up to Calvary.
They could have let Him go, but instead they chose Barabus just to set another criminal free.
When they crucified the ever loving, caring Master with compassion flowing from his eyes
Well, he said to a thief who was begging him for mercy that "today you'll live in paradise."

And I'm saved like the criminal on the cross.
Praise God I'm saved, no more to suffer loss.
Well, He said I'd live in Paradise and he's taken care of the cost.
Hallelujah! I'm saved like the criminal on the cross.

Well, on the Judgement Day when all the people gather 'round Him and they wait to hear what He will declare.
There will never ever be more intense anticipation that has ever happened anywhere.
When they call my name to defend my reputation there is only one thing I can say
"I'm a wretch I'm a worm, I'm a no good sinner." But he said, "I'll save you anyway."

Repeat Chorus

Well, I'm saved, I'm saved, through Jesus I am saved.
Well, I'm saved, I'm saved, His mercy showed the way.
Well, I'm saved, I'm saved, no more for me to say.
Well, I'm saved, I'm saved in Paradise today.

Repeat Intro
Repeat Chorus (x2)

I'm saved like the criminal on the cross.

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