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Abraxas Connexus


Vitriol = abraxas = xnoubis = meithras
Visita = sun = heart = gold
Interiora = moon = brow = silver
Terrae = mercury = crown = mercury
Rectificando = jupiter = navel = tin
Invenies = mars = sacral = iron
Occultum = venus = throat = copper
Lapidem = saturn = base = lead

By the sevenfold process, v.I.t.r.I.o.l reigns
No one can distress its southern point
By the evidence, nature delivered two
No one can disrupt their dual symmetry

Stare towards the heart – stare at the stone
Your eye unveiled – your nucleus
Writhe on the mace – skim on the throne
Your vessel sealed – your inmost light

They are mercurial, active, both close at hand
It is balance of the hidden stone
One must never know more than the other
It is of knowledge: prima materia

Saturn follows lead – abraxas of draught
Eye of asaru
Seventh is the root – vitriolistic base
The triad and the position of stone
Saturn follows lead – abraxas of draught
Seed of asaru
Seventh is the root – vitriolistic base
The formulary of tria prima

Heart of bullion – the golden sun
The silver moon with distinct brow
Crown of the crown – thee – mercury
Jupiter’s tin knifed in navel
Ironed by the rouge, sacral mars
Throat of venus glazed with copper


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