New targets burn beneath me
Another mission's going fine
The A.R.S. still screams

I see people dying
Screaming, bleeding, crying
Begging for a truce

Shootin', crushin' them all
I won't spare anyone
Other flames will rise

Glory will be mine
Nothing will remain

Waste no more
Waste no more
Waste no more
Waste no more

Something is changing
I am the one who's hunted
Enemies are closer now

Headquarters are too far
And now that I'm dying
They plan the next attack

Falling, now it's clear
With the blood on my hands
I'll just die in vain

Coffins dressed in line
Medals on the graves

Waste no more
Waste no more
Waste no more

No more!

Don't call me hero I'm just dead in vain
Now someone's cryin' out with pain
Lords of destruction still search for new strength
War will go on without me

And I'm sure
Tears and pain
Won't end
No one will fight
For peace
They steal your life
To kill
This is the waste

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