The Wake

Abney Park

Debbie dates daily with a boy for every finger
She leaves with one now and leaves another left to linger
Coldly Debbie tells me it's a world of give & take
But I say Debbie, bring it closer to the wake

In today's society, too little anxiety falls in the right place
People hurting one another, no care for another
Can you stand your own face? Listen to me now…
People gotta stop hurting themselves, STOP, now, now, now, now bring it closer to the wake

Billy blows bubbles that are filled with marijuana
To rebel from all the troubles he was chained to by his mama
Sadly Billy tells me that his happiness is fake
But I say Billy, bring it closer to the wake


Jason jets his jag up to speeds that's past eleven
Jason buys a house that makes him feel like he's in heaven
Bills been paying Jason, Bills friends are Jason's take
But I just talked to Bill, Jason's further from the wake


Now you & I have been through much, we've both had Debbie's problem
And we've both used Bills eyes to find our troubles & try to solve them
But let's not use each other, for Jason's world was fake
Only we can work together and bring us closer to the wake

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