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The Emperor's Wives

Abney Park

Deep, dark forest kingdom
Under banyan covered skies
Lived a king with untold riches;
Jewels, gold, and two fair wives.
Both had hair as black as midnight,
Coal-black eyes that sparkled bright,
Terra-cotta skin as smooth as bronze
And tender movements like a sprite.

Every night he indulged his fantasies
Enjoyed his wives and went to sleep
As he slept his wives kept secrets
Holding hands under the sheets.

Each dark day in this ancient palace
The Emperor sat on his thrown of gold,
while his young wives explored bright gardens.
Eye met eyes and hands did hold.

One hot night in the dead of summer,
the emperor's wife say a look of love on her lovers face - toward their husband.
Fires burned jealous, she lost her love.
On hot night in the dead of summer,
the Emporer's wife stold a magi's blade
and crept into her lovers chamber
and as they slept her lovers slayed.

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