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Evoking The Abomination


Darkest spells surround us
With blood that spills from the circles
Screaming with unsees tongues
Invocations with unspoken words
From the ruins of the ancient one tombs
From the depth of the abyss arise
Abominations confronting lies
Inflicting plague on the thorns of Christ

Rise the serpent
Revocation of the serpent god
Indulging infernal possession
Desecrating the followers of cross
Warriors from hordes of Belial
We marched through the furoius storms
Destroying the hopes of salvation
Legions of rebellion return

Vengeance storming striking the creation
From depths below to beyond the skies
Behold the triumph of infamous domain
Crushing the throne of scorn

Raise the horns, praise the beast
Blow forth the hymns of wrath
Abject lambs of weakness crawl
Agonizing repent

Casting the plague to world of god
Spawning holocaust in holy flesh and blood
Feel the scourge of apocalyptic revenge
Feel the wrath of our swords on command
Consecrations devouring churches
The abyss roars above the bastards
Doomed cremation blast the fallacy
Sons of fire, we stand in flames

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