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Caught In a Vortex


Through the gate of the Dark Dimension
To the mass of the swirling matter
To the depths of an endless Void
I'm thrown by the wickest of magics

I'm chained to this darkness
In this place of nothingness
In the silence that doesn't exist
In this vortex of emptiness

Floating in this malevolant tunnel
Feeling the intendity of the nonexistent
Beyond the scope of human thoughts
Sights of this Four-Dimensional Hell

In the time, when God was young
And mankind, they existed not
I was banished to this lonely realm
My eternal soul, a victim of reprobations

Now i see it clear, why i'm here
I must pay the price, after my demise
But this is life, this mourning and strife
We shall see, after eternity!

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