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Sweet Georgia Pines

Abbie Gardner

I was born in Black Rock, beneath the sweet Georgia pines
Daddy was a railroad man, Momma was so kind
But that boy showed me heaven, how could I know
He'd just up and leave one day, when my belly began to grow

Beneath the sweet Georgia pines
A sinner prays, a sinner cries
Beneath the sweet Georgia pines
That's where I live, that's where I'll die

Baby born 6 days ago
she died on day number five
Mozes came to me in a dream
to carry her cross the river wide

He laid her down beneath the trees
in a shady bed of pine
I didn't have me nothing
but my sins and the tears in my eyes

I was born in Black Rock
that's where they'll dig my grave
daddy won't forgive me
but the lord says I'll be saved

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