Abbie Gardner

Early in the morning when my baby's still snoring
And I've gotta get out of bed even though it seems
Way too early still the stupid little birdies
Are chirpin at memaybe they've already
had their coffee or a skim milk latte
Or 12 hours sleep but I've only had
5 short hours so I'll hit the shower
And I get my steam
From Caffeine, Yeah Caffeine

In the mid-day hour when I feel I'm losing power
And I've gotta get off my ass and go grab a little
Styrofoam cup or my favorite mug
And fill it up with that magic potion that will
Keep me going got to keep me rolling
Its my one and only fiend
Caffeine, Yeah caffeine

It's a legal drug in a Starbucks mug
Its trendy and cool to be seen with a
mocha cappaccino or a carmel machiato
Or a soy skim chai but I can't see why
I can't sleep by the end of the week
I need it more and more so I keep those little
Chocolate covered coffee beans
In the pocket of my jeans
And you know that I am the queen
Of caffeine, Yeah caffeine

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