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Hell or High Water

A Wilhelm Scream

I wake up and drive for four hours another night.
I need a hand in my pocket so I can feel your lightly flavored lipstick on my thigh.
Pretend you're next to me. You're warm, you're sweet, you're mine. If I could only touch you once more in this life,
I would want it to be right now.
I'd hold your life next to mine. Don't let it go. This enchanted night is begging for and end. It's like I'm not gone, when I dreamt that you were home remembering. You were saying goodbye that night. Sometimes life moves so slow. I hope the sandman comes. I wonĂ­t sleep tonight without you. I'm gonna breathe some comfort in this night and in your scent. Sometimes life moves so slow for me. Not gonna let you down, for hell or high water. That's not me. Not gonna let you down, so keep it off your mind.

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