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Friendly In The Shit

A Wilhelm Scream

Used to be happy for the cause of being;
now I put effort into smiles that I fake. You'd say fuck that,
I'm not one of them, but that's what happens when your dreams don't mean shit. Nobody wants to see you when you're crying unless the situation's got something to gain.
Sit back now, you're the lucky one. Sometimes I wish I could say the same for me. Relax kid. You're set for life. Don't let the lights go down. Keep that smile, be polite for now. Keep that hate from sounding out. So let's be friendly while we're in the shit; be friends while we have that in common. That courtesy's for naive kids. Humility's for has-beens. Come join the ranks of the arrogant who kiss ass networking for friends, because integrity is fashion. God tell me that I'm different, because I ought to be. If I can't forgive my enemies, then I may run out of friends. I'm waiting now. Will I forget? As if it were that easy to take a pill to stop this feeling, to convince you all that I'm more than zero. Trust me. I'm not dead and I'm not jaded like I've been. So put the knife in. You know that I'll be waiting. Do you recall the moment when we walked away, when we shit the bed? I bite my tongue when I think of you because all in all I know we're through and I don't mind. In all my careless fuck ups, now you know my secret, so won't you help me out? In my head repeating...

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