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Don't Wake Me Up

A Wilhelm Scream

You probably didn't know that I saw you just before dark.
We always meet this way.
You probably wouldn't know it was me, but then again I'm sure
you don't remember who I am but I know you.
I see you when you sleep,
I swear I know when you're awake.
I'm with my crowning failure when I'm in this bed.
I should have opened my mouth then.

I had a feeling in my stomach you were running out before dawn.
But you were never even here.

And when I try to wake up, I get lost
living in this dream for so long.
I'll see you when I sleep, just like I do when I'm awake
And as someone holds you closely I'll remember this: I am the king of idiots.
How many times will I repeat this fuck up?
How hard can I try to forget these mornings?
Tell me we're all supposed to be alone,
because I don't want to be anymore.

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