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Terror Starts At Home


One milion errors another time
One milion sentences to digest alone at dark
Without support, without someone to rely on
How strong is someone supposed to be at just 8 years old?
don’t want to speak
dont force me to laugh
I tried to forgive your fists, denial is what I got
All doors are closed
I had my dose:
Terror Starts At Home.
to justify the crime
of never comprehending
of never taking care of me
of raping my ilusions
Im running, im running, im running again
another fucking life
wasted by trying to never attain
Intentions are not good enough
I paid your breakdowns, i paid your contempt
and time was passing by
i guess you’ll get what you deserve
Remorse arising, well observed
Lessons i never had
To dry my eyes
From now i’ll be the one that decides
thanks for nothing

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