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With One Last Breath

A Cloud Forest

And I won't be afraid of death
Because I know hell can't be worse than this
So save your prayers and save your breath
There's no heart that beats inside of this chest

Just slit these wrists and let me bleed it out
From warm to cold as words part my mouth
I never meant to let you down
With tears in my eyes you slowly remove my crown

Just sit back and watch me fade away
Because I can't last another day
With one last breath I slip away
You close my eyes and slowly turn away

And so my world fades to black
As I know you're never coming back
There's no more words left to speak
And no more tears left to weep

I hate myself for all that I've done to you
And I'm sure that you hate me too
I know this love is just far too gone
Now please leave me here to die

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