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The Smile Of Suffering

A Cloud Forest

The fog so thick before me
It's the dawning of a dark day
I'm alone in this transforming
Inside I whisper but I don't have a say
Embedded in this flesh
The knife it twists

But I don't feel the pain
The smile of suffering across my face
I could escape but I remain
My emotions six feet under
As I'm existing just outside my skin

From where I cannot fight or struggle
My grip it loosens and my hope grows thin
I slip beneath the surface
I cannot breath and I cannot scream
A shard of hope that still pervades me

Tells me this suffering is but a dream
I am awake and I'm alive
My reality I cannot deny
Slowly accepting the pain within
For it to end it must begin

I descend into darkness
I long for the comfort of love's embrace
Long ago I knew it in a dream
But then it vanished without a trace
And now I'm left to shiver

Here in the cold I'm all alone
As I cling onto the last shred
Of the life I used to call my own
I descend into darkness

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