A Chorus Line (Musical)

Well, to begin with, i come from this quasi-middle-upper or upper-middle class, family-type-home. i could never figure out which but it was real boring. i mean, we had money - but no taste. you know the kind of house - astroturf on the patio? anyway my mother had a lot of card parties and was one of the foremost bridge cheaters in america. my father worked for this big corporation. they used to send him out into the field a lot - to drink. better that than to find him lying on his office floor but he was okay i was the strange one.

How strange?

Real, real strange. i used to love to give garage recitals. bizarre recitals. this one time i was doing frankenstein as a musicale and i spray-painted this kid silver - all over. they had to rush him to the hospital. 'cause he had that thing when your pores can't breathe he lived 'cause luckily i didn't paint the soles of his feet. and (he goes into pantomime)

What if i'm next?
What if i'm next?
What am i gonna do?
I haven't got a clue.
I gotta think of something.
What does he want?
What does he want?
Stories from the past.
I better find one fast.

Maggie, greg, bebe, richie, val, paul
What should i say?
What can i tell him?

(out of pantomime, spoken) as i got older i kept getting stranger and stranger, i to go down to this busy intersection near my house rush hour and direct traffic. i just wanted to see if anybody'd notice me. that's when i started breaking people's houses -- oh, i didn't steal anything --just re-arrange their furniture. and (he goes into pantomime)

Orphan at three,
Orphan at three.
Mother and dad both gone.
Raised by a sweet ex-con.

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