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Love Drugs and Sex

A Boogie Wit da Hoodie

Hoodie SZN

Tell me why the fuck you mad though? (Mad though)
I ain't that used to getting mad dough (Mad dough)
I dropped forty pointers on your ass, ho (Ass, ho)
Forty pointers on your ho-ass (Mmh)
How was I suppose to know that (Know that)
Money make you bitches go bad (Go bad)
Run it up and never go back (Go back)
Run it up and never go back (Go back)
W's up and you know that (Yeah)
'Member makin' tracks with Kodak
Then we fell a little off-track
I'm a street nigga way before rap
I ain't been the type to name drop
But it's some shit that I can't hold back
I heard a nigga from the same block
Is telling on me, I expose rats
Look I don't really want no beef with no niggas
I don't want no enemies or no niggas
The feds is coming, and they sweepin' on niggas
They gained like seven, took like three of my niggas
Ain't no static, it's just defense on niggas
Go black on black, go Hoodie SZN on niggas
Plaques on plaques, I got thirteen of them, nigga
One day I wanna be a king like I'm Jigga

But I ain't ready for no love yet
All I ever want is drug sex
I'm used to being in the projects
Mama saying I was up next
Learnin' how to fucking rob, yeah
I didn't even touch a gun yet
Most the niggas I grew up with
Are sitting up, or either gone, yeah

Gone, yeah
When I'm right, I think I'm wrong, yeah
This is just where I belong, yeah
I'm so used to having fun (Yeah)
I go straight from the Ave to in the club
Catch me right in the back
Cameras on me, they be all on my ass
But Sal in front of me to cover the gas
But don't get too gassed, my life is too fast
Bitches tellin' me to follow them back
Adderall, at least it's better than Xans
Pop a Perc and fuck for hours again
'Cause I don't want no fuckin' love sex
All I want from you is drug sex
Shit you wouldn't do in public
You say you ain't the type to suck dick
You never finished, it was perfect
Your natural titties and your curves, yeah
I make you feel like it was worth it
I can buy you all the Birkins

But what's next?
I don't want no fuckin' love sex
All I want from you is drug sex
I don't wanna make you up'
I don't wanna see you upset
All I want from you is drug sex
But your love is like a drug, yeah
I can never get enough

Fuck love sex
Can we have drug sex?
Fuck love sex, can we have drug sex?
Fuck love sex, can we have drug, drug, drug, drug

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