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One More Time


Lullabies, butterflies and goodbyes make me cry (oh my)
They all remind me of you (yeah)
In the trees autumn leaves, birdies tweet when they look at me
They sing a song about u ( yeah)

Even the clouds can see its over
And they can feel my hurt inside
And when the sun comes out tomorrow will I feel alright
Come back to me
Dry my tears for me
Won't U hold me one more time
take my lonely be my only
Come back for me one more time
One more time, one more time, one more time yeah yeah
One more time

Teddy Bears, rocking chairs, it's not fair (it's not fair)
To share these treasures with me, yeah
My reflections shows that I'm alone, on my own
Waiting by the phone, but I know u wont call for me yeah

Chorus x3

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