Rich Bitch

3 Feet Smaller

Having a lot, living a good life, what´s more to acquire? I´ve got it all even the penthouse floor on yearly hire. The guy who wants too much from life risks loosing absolutely everything of course the guy who wants too little might not getting anything at all.

Let me do the things I want
I don´t need your advice at all
whatever comes will pass someday but I´ll go on with my own way

Look at my swimming pool my cars my stuff and envy me, I might be an asshole but I´ve got everything I don´t need. You count yourself lucky cuz your healty and you´ve got a good sexlife, I might pay for mine, but I am still in line

I´m not dependent on anyone I buy washing machines just for fun. Whatever comes will pass including you but I´ll stay I don´t need your advice at all. I´m not dependent on anyone whatever comes will pass someday including you, not me

Don´t even think for a minute I´m crazy I´m not really so lazy, I just want you to praise me are you feeling me now? I have so much money to buy a whole country plus people just for me, do you hate me now?
I am what you call a rich bitch I got my own cemetery and you´ll get buried in a ditch, envy me, constantly I´ve got money, money, money
Drug dealer baby, need any speed?

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