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I've Done Wrong

3 Feet Smaller

Remember the day when I first hurt you I´m still sorry for that, I want you back. To me you´re more than just a friend, believe me when I say I wanna spend the rest of my life with you

catch me when I fall, pick me up when I crawl

I´ve done a lot wrong
but don´t leave me alone
I can´t move on

I´m acting so untypical, once a dare devil, now an angel. I changed my behaviour for you, my style, my hair, my clothes for you is there anything else I should change just tell me

I´m distressed, someone´s missing in my life

I´ve done a lot wrong
but don´t leave me alone
I can´t move on

Dear honey
I hope you´ll enjoy your new life
I hope you´ll enjoy going out with your friends
cuz I hate my life now
I don´t wanna go to sleep all alone
I still cry every night when I realize that you´re gone
but I´m not mad, I understand you, I understand why you left me, no I don´t, I just don´t understand it
everyone makes mistakes and if you really love me you would have forgiven me, and granted me a second chance to make it all good.
I thought you where the love of my life
I thought you also wanna spend the rest of your life with me
I don´t wanna lose you, I´m dead without you
I love you for real and forever
I don´t want another person beside me, but you don´t give a fuck, you don´t care if I cry myself to sleep every night and I hate you for that.
I don´t want you to be just my friend, I´ve got enough friends
my ideal world is ruined and you´ve ruined it so come back and rebuild it, you owe it to me

I´ve done a lot wrong
but don´t leave me alone
I can´t move on (2x)
I need you all along

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