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When I Get Free

Tupac Shakur

Until the End of Time

When I Get Free

Guess who's back, and ready to knock off
A cop or two
Cuz me and the crew can still
Get our rocks off
Pentintiary, don't stop a niggac
Cuz he in Jail
Hell, i'm making my money on the streets
From here in the cell
I'm living prop
cops is having fits
Just made a profit
You punks ain't stoping shit
I still remember what my momma told me
Find the cop that killed who killed brother
Send him to hell looking Holy
Cause a real nigga loved to brawl
Whats raw, a nigga thats above the law.
Keep pressing your luck and get fucked
Think a nigga don't know whats up
Cuz he locked up
but in the meantime
Get swole, clean time
Concentrate on getting Green time
And as the years go by
They forgot about the small time soldier from the block
To kill a crook
They through the book
Don't worry be nappy, don't even look happy
Put me in the hole, gave me cold cuts
Did push ups till I swole up
And then they offered me a ferload
But what they don't know
Is as soon as i get free i'm killing 5 more
they asked me if i changed much.
I told them yea even though im still the same nut.
started askin me questions about my brother
makin remarks about my mother.
wait a minute, hold up
Making jokes about my folks
Will get yours blown up
He sent me back to the whole
For what I told him
I Guess he didn't believe me
So I showed him
He went home to find a tragedy
Nigga, thats what you get for badgering me
And anybody else trying to sweat me
i'm already in Jail so you punks can't get me
You better pray you never see me
Cause If they let me free
Prepare for trouble on the streets.
when I get free


when I get free

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