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    (cutting and scratching)
    She's a part time
    a part time
    part time
    She's a (part time mutha)

    A part time
    A part time
    part time
    She's a (part time mutha)

    Meet Cindi, she's twenty-two, lives right on the dope track
    Used to be fat now weighs less than a Tic-Tac
    Now what's that say about, this big epidemic

    This hypocritical world, and the people in it
    Now speaking of in it Cindi loved to get buckwild
    Fuck with a smile single file she'll bust nuff styles
    That would be cool, if she was your lover

    But fuck that, Cindi was my dope fiend mother
    Welfare checks never stepped through the front door
    Cuz moms would run to the dopeman once more
    All those days, had me fiending for a hot meal

    Now I'm a crook, got steel, I do not feel
    So don't even trip, when I flip, with my thirty-eight
    Revenge is a bitch, and my hit shake the murder rate

    Word to the mutha, I'm touched
    When moms come by, niggaz hush or get rushed
    Maybe one day she'll recover
    But what will it take, to shake, or break
    My part time mutha

    I gotta live with a part time
    A part time
    A part time
    She's a (part time mutha)
    A part time
    A part time
    She's a (part time mutha)

    I grew up in a home where no-one liked me
    Moms would hit the pipe, everynight, she would fight me

    Poppa was a nasty old man, like the rest
    He's feeling on my chest, with his hand in my dress
    Just another pest, and yes I was nervous
    Blood sensor tests, I just don't deserve this

    I wanna tell mom, but would she listen
    She's bound to be bitchin if she hasn't got a fix in
    So... now I lay me down to sleep
    Lord don't let him rape me
    If he does my soul to keep
    Don't let the devil take me

    Can't concentrate I contemplate in my classroom
    Thinkin how my step dad, raped me in the bathroom
    Every day I make class, and yet I'm missing periods
    The thought of pregnancy is in my head and now I'm fearing it
    I gotta tell mom, before she sees me

    I told her how he G'd me, and she didn't believe me
    Callin me a slut cuz my butt's kinda big so
    Still that ain't no way to be talkin to your kids though
    I can't believe the way you call it

    Gotta believe in him, and dissin her own daughter
    Time for me to break and find another
    That's when I discovered
    The ways of the days of a part time mutha

    I got a part time
    A part time
    A part time

    She's a (part time mutha)
    Part time
    A part time
    A part time mutha
    She's a (part time mutha)

    I rush to tend her, talked as I touch her
    She blushed, the clothes came off, and I bust her
    I'm up now, ready to get drunk on the block

    Here, take a cab, thanks a lot for the cot
    She's gone, and I'm thinkin that my game's so strong
    Pat myself on the back and move on
    Is this just how it is hell no
    Cuz she came back with the kid and yo
    I been payin ever since

    The clothes the food the cars and oh the rent
    All of my time gets spent at the workplace
    No time to kiss her got me list in the first place
    So I do the dishes and clean the floor
    When I sleep I can't dream anymore

    Oh no... now I'm a part time mutha
    And I, change the diapers and clean the shit
    The tables are turned I can't take this
    Oh no... now I'm a part time mutha

    A part time
    A part time mutha
    Now I'm a part time mutha

    I'm a (part time mutha)
    A part time
    A part time
    Part time
    Now I'ma (part time mutha)
    She's a part time
    A part time mutha
    He's a part time mutha
    She's a (part time mutha)

    A part time
    A part time
    A part time
    Part time mutha
    A part time
    A part time mutha
    Pa-pa-pa-part time
    Pa-pa-pa-part time...

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