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Panther Power

Tupac Shakur

Resurrection - TSO

As real as it seems the American dream
Ain’t nuthin’ but anotha calculated scheme
To keep us locked up and shot up and back in chains
To deny us our future rob our name
Kept our history a mystery but now i see
The American dream wasn’t meant for me
‘Cause lady liberty’s a hypocrite she lied to me
Promised freedom education and ecuality
Never gave be nuthin’ but slavery
But now look at how dangerous you made me
Callin’ me a man ‘cause I’m strong and bold
With this gumbo of knowledge of the lies you told
Promised me emancipation and a free nation
All you ever gave my people was starvation
The father of our country never cared for me
They kept our ancestors shacked up in slavery
Uncle Sam neva did a damm thing for me
Exept lie about the facts in my history
Now I’m sittin’ here mad ‘cause I’m unemployed
But the government mad cause they enjoy
When my people are down they just screw us around
Time to change the government now
Panther Power

panther powr from the place that resides within
Go to for to with a panther and you just can’t win
Self proclaimed best supress the rest
The rich get richer and the poor take less
The American dream was the American nightmare
You kept my people down and refused to fight fair
The Ku Klux Klan tried to keep us out
With signs that state "No Blacks allowed"
With intimidation and segregation
Once would wait for our freedom
but now we’re impatient
Blacks they others they yell sell out
Freedom equality get out yell out
Don’t eva be ashamed of what you are
It’s your Panther power that makes you a star
Panther Power

My mother neva let me forget my history
Hopin’ that i would set free cahins that were put on me
Wanted to be more than just free
Had to know tha true facts about my history
I couldn’t settle for bein’ a statistic
Couldn’t survive in this capitalistic government
‘Cause it was meant to hold us back with ignorance
Drugs and sneak attacks in my community
They killed our unity
But when I charged them they cried immunity
I strike america like a case of heart disease
Panther Power is runnin’ through my arteries
Try to stop me homeboy you’ll get clawed to death
‘Cause i’ll be fightin for my freedom ‘till my dyin’ breath

Do you remember that’s what I’m askin’ you
you think you’re livin’ free don’t make me laugh at you
Open your eyes realise you’ve been locked in chains
Said you wasn’t civilized and stole your name
‘Cause some time has passed we seem to all firget
There’s no liberty for me and you we ain’t free yet
Panther Power

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