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    Hey Junior Mafia I got something for your mothafuckn ass
    fuckn lil homiez, everybody duck, fuckn lil homiez, lil homies,

    Pay attention,
    Heres a story bout my lil homie, straight thuggin
    lil bad young mothafucka, you gotta love him
    if you catch him in his G ride

    touching his glock
    Screamin outlaw,westside mothafucka, on my enemies block

    educated on these cold streets,gettin money
    makin dummies out the police.aint no peace
    for a addalicent nigga, thats what im thinkin

    bud smokin 24-7, everyday drinkin
    i got my diploma but i never learned shit in school
    mo money,mo bitches,mo murder fool

    always a young nigga gettin in shit
    she wouldnt stop to conversate so you called her a bitch BIATCH

    bustin on papers from muthafuckas,
    drinkin gin before u get to sinnin on them brothers
    emptyed his clip, passed by like he didnt know me

    everybody duck, my fuckin lil homie

    lil homies on the rise, niggas gonna die tonight
    lets get high tonight
    lil homies mashin,runnin on these punk police
    steady blastin (lil young mothafuckas
    i remember when u was just a lil G

    flirting with death,playing russian rulette
    screamin kkkkiiiiillllll mmmmmeeeeeee!!!!

    hey there young nigga what u smokin on
    mad at the world cause you came from a broken home.

    lets all sob cause his moms is sick,
    bunch of addalicient niggas spittin major shit.
    tell me, young nigga if ya die let me know

    would your heart feel pain, watchin ya mother cry.
    will all ya homies ride?
    Or will they all get high, and talk about how ya die?

    young niggaz on a mission to complete.
    getting g's, packin heat, bringin havoc to the fuckin

    nobody knows why he took a fo fo
    and loaded up on the whole front row.
    BUCK BUCK!!!!!!!!!!

    try to tell him but he act like he don't know me
    pull a pistol and show me, my lil homie


    (ha ha ha, what's up nigga, yeah, lil bad mothafuckas, you
    mothafuckas know what time it is, yeah nigga, juvenile deliquents ass
    mothafuckas under 18
    first to bomb,16 on deathrow,bustin on them phonie muthafuckas
    cause the bigger homie said so

    niggaz knew i was a nutcase,quick to blast
    living underage, but ill blaze on yo bitchass!!
    Is there a heaven for a G?
    and if there is, will i finally get to be at peace

    on the streets aint no peace, shellshocked, doped
    makin money off of crack sales, young black males
    unable to change cause its a cycle

    plus nobody knows the evil that they might do.
    lil moo, big jock, came castro
    big mouth Hussein,call them for a outlawz
    tellin the world to be equiped,

    when these young mufuckas whip shit, they dont quit
    drew down on me, pull a pound on me
    bust like he didnt know me
    my lil homiez


    (Whats up nigga, lets shoot this shit, my lil homiez, lil
    bad ass
    mothafucka addalicient, my lil homiez, what the fuck you niggas going
    to do,

    what nigga, my fuckn lil homiez, 16,16, 17 juvenile deliquents, ready
    to bust

    on you mothafuckas, what the fuck you niggas going to do, nigga take
    your shit
    over, lil homiez, we robbing mothafuckas nigga, thug life

    Death Row nigga, you know what time it is, my lil homiez, you know
    what the

    fuck you gotta do nigga, throw it up, outlawz nigga, lil homiez,
    you'll know
    what time it is, Hussein

    Fatal, Naploean, E.D.Imean, Kastro, Big
    Syke, Bone nito, Makaveli, my fuckn lil homiez, what the fuck you

    niggas going
    to do, double glot on you bitch made niggas, I open fire on these

    streets, closed casket, fuck you bastards, my fuckn lil homiez don't

    give a
    fuck about none of you niggas, fuck your famlies, fuck your kids
    niggas, my

    fuckn lil homiez, fuck all you niggas, outlawz westside Bad Boy killa,

    all you niggas, hey LL meet my lil homiez, LL Cool J, say what, nigga

    rock yout mothafuckn bells, me and my mothafuckn lil homiez, outlawz,

    niggas, my lil homiez, who wants to get with this who wild shit, my

    homiez, mothafuckn Makaveli, mimi 14's, 16's on you bitches, 157 six
    mothafuckin times, I'm up in this mothafucka, you niggas
    don't want
    it, my lil

    homiez, mothafuckn police get into the car, we going to ride on these
    mothafuckas, they don't want to see these Outlawz

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