21 Savage

Only Smoke

21 Savage

Two banana clips and they taped up (Straight up, straight up)
Cut the stove on and let it cake up (Straight up, straight up)
Hit it with the cold water 'til it lock up (21)
Hot water make it lock a little faster (On God)
I'm so Slaughter Gang, I'm prayin' to my dagger (Straight up)
Started rappin' for the money, I'm a trapper (Straight up)
Internet thug, he a gangsta on (21)
Way too many diamonds, put my chains backwards (Yeah, yeah)

Ain't game, I don't
Ain't no disrespect, 4l, aight
That's all I know
We don't play the radio, on my momma
That's all I know

Fuck a handgun send the heat with a chopstick
Big bullets start then he got stumped in a moshpit
Gun ain't got no safety, one in the head, on cop shit
Yeah I make a lotta hits songs but I drop shit (21)
Nigga put some money on my head, 'cause I take shit
Put some ass shots on the Ar, it go ape shit
And I'm 21 4l, ain't no fake shit
I don't hang around no leg shooters, nigga we face shit
Slid inside your bitch but I was mindin' my business (On God)
She ain't had no titties, so I bought her some titties (Straight up)
Grill fucked up, I took straight to the dentist (21)
Say she want some food so we just skrrt to a Wendy's (On God)
Many men want me dead, got me feelin' like 50 (21)
You went and wrote a statement, so we call you a Mickey (On God)
Keep a 4-5 Nicki, don't get hit with the blicky (Straight up)
And if you want some smoke, we got that shit by the chimney (Straight up)

Bitch, my youngin' got a body at just fifteen (Fifteen)
Promethazine, bloody red, like it's (Codeine)
I just ball up, paid for seven more lean (More lean)
Don't touch my co 'cause I'ma flash, bitch you know me
I be treatin' that dope like it's proteine
Wherever I'm at I'm just waitin' for the pop off (Yeah)
I let some shots off (Baow, baow)
Finna play, bitch I'm whippin' that Glock off
Who the fuck taught y'all?
Don't walk over 'cause lil' boy, we don't know y'all (True)
Young nigga come from like a smoke town (Gang)
And I still ride around with the four pound (Skrr)
You sendin' shots and we sendin' them back, we go battle for battle for that
Try to run nigga shottin' your back
We gon' run up and get your shit cracked
I'm just lookin' for a slime, (Slime)
I get that ass, don't pay no cash and drop her off at Sacks
When it's time to go war I'm gon' go all out (All out)
These bitch ass niggas tryna blow some smoke and straight blowed down
Jump in a crowd full of drank up, I don't follow (Follow)
Let one chain come from out my neck, we shoot these dawgs down

4k, Trey, Northside
Ain't nobody safe, bitch ass niggas
We put guns to the face (Who gon' die today?)
I ain't really worried 'bout you niggas
How the fuck you niggas gon' beef with you? You ain't killed a man

If we take your shit, nigga, you can't get it back
You got two M's and you are rich, nigga
Yeah let's be exact
Try to tax me and you get whipped, nigga, we don't go for that
Try to run up with my shit, nigga, leave your ass dead

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