21 Savage


21 Savage

Grind hard, nigga, grind hard, I done grind hard
Late nights playin' b-ball with a decoy
I was on the corner with the robbers and the D-boys
Now I'm on the charts, man, this shit is unbelievable
Mama, it's a lot of secrets that I had to keep from you
Got in so much trouble
thought the teachers had beef with you
And it paid off 'cause we livin' like the Greeks and Jews
Used to leave your stove runnin', stove runnin'
Now it's Louis rags when my nose runnin'
Got it out the mud, I don't owe nothin'
You pussy-ass niggas ain't on nothin'
Wanna see me fucked up 'cause they poor hustlin'
The same niggas with me back when I was head itchin'
Man I'm having nightmares that the feds listenin'
You fake gangstas pump fakin' and they scared snitchin'
The coupe fast and it's fucking up the dash digital
Numb the pain with the money x15
It's a bag on his head, I'ma pick it up
It was money in the house, I used to stick it up
Got your main bitch chillin', splashin', tryna lick it up
Dick ridin', niggas always tryna flick it up
I ain't tryna take no bitches, bitch I'm rollin' Swishers
I count my back end then I jump out with that pistol
If you ain't suckin' dick you get a early dismissal
We got your wifey at the spot, she tryna lick a pickle
I just went and bought a Lamb and it cost a nickel
And I came from the bottom and it feel good
And I went platinum, still in the hood
And I take the gang with me everywhere I go
Why these niggas hatin' on me? Man I don't know
Ain't a place in the world that I can't go
And I got a hundred racks inside a Go-Go
And I get a hundred racks for a show, show
Wanna give a bitch my heart but I can't though
I can't fall in love with a stank ho
Lil' bitch I fell in love with the bank ho
And you know I love that good drank, ho
Numb the pain with the money x15
Numb the pain with the money
and ride 'round with that Tommy
And I put it in her stomach
and I made that lil' bitch ride me
You're my old school runner
you're my old school runner
But my new school runnin', it costs more than a hundred
You lil' niggas so bummy (21)
Make a diss song, they gon' wrap you like a mummy
My young niggas geekin' on food like zombies
They hungry, up it on you then they tell you, "Run it"
I stole cars, drove them like go-karts
Niggas actin' like bitches, they got both parts
And I came from the gutter, I don't got no heart
And I'm straight up out the gutter, I don't got no heart
Nigga when they killed my brother, I had to go hard
Put that chopper in his face and then I Bogart
Niggas tryna cross me, I don't understand it
I'm just tryna take care of the family
And I'm sippin' codeine, not brandy (21)
And I'm sippin' codeine, I'm a addict
You go to jail, can't depend on a bad bitch
She fucked and sucked him
tryna keep up with the fashion
And I'm really, really rich and I ain't braggin'
Sometimes I really can't believe this shit happened
Who woulda thought I'd make it rappin'?
I almost lost my life when I was trappin'
Numb the pain with the money x15
If Young Metro don't trust you, I'm gon' shoot you

Composição: 21 Savag, Metro Boomin

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