Stand Strong

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Stand Strong (II Thessalonians)

Verse 1:
Take a seat/lets get into this/ There's been a challenge to the truth/but there's defense for this (2:1-2)/ Since Paul's first letter there's been need for another one (1:3, 5, 2:1, 13, 3:1, 6)/ Cause the other one was compromised by a cover up another one (2:2)/ Cause some of us/thought Paul was sending....wait (2:3a)/ Slow up, lets just start from the beginning/ First, Paul felt morally indebted just to give thanks (1:3)/ For our faith and increased love toward the saints (1:3)/ For this reason Paul bragged on us (1:4)/ Because we all persevered through attacks on us (1:4)/ And these attacks are evidence of His righteous judgment (1:5, 2:14)/ Proof we've been proven worthy of a righteous covenant (1:5b, 1:11)/ And don't sweat the hatters because God is just (1:6)/ To punish them and give you rest so in God we trust (1:6-7)/ So until the Lord comes back to take us home (2:16, 14)/ Persevere through afflictions baby and stand strong (1:11, 5, 2:15)

Stand strong in the faith/God called you to this thing (2:14)/ Persevere through the hate/do it all in Jesus name (2:15, 1:4)/ Cause the Lord is coming back, yep/ the Lord is coming back, yep (2:2)/ The Lord is coming back, yep/ the Lord is coming back (2:2)/ See the Lord is coming back/and he'll save us from this pain (2:2, 2:14)/ Don't get lazy in the back stay disciplined in His name (3:11, 6, 14-15)/ So stand strong in the faith, yep/strong in the faith, stand (2:15)/ Strong in the faith, yep/ stand strong in the faith (2:15)

Verse 2:
Now there are some of us who have been tricked into believing/ All kinds of rumors about the return of Jesus (2:2)/ Apparently there was a letter with false intent (2:2)/ Bent on contradicting the first letter Paul sent (2:2)/ So this is Paul's response to end the myth (2:1-12)/ That says the day of the Lord, is in our midst (2:1-3a)/ Don't let anyone deceive you I beseech you (2:3b)/ Hold fast to the lessons in which we teach you/ Remember when Paul was with us he said these things (2:5)/ First rebellion/then comes the lawless man on the scene (2:3)/ Then lawlessness, all of this so man would call on his name (2:4)/ As he's exalting his name, to where the Father's is (2:4)/ But, at this point, we've been long gone with Christ (2:1b, 2b,I Thes. 4:15, 17b, 5:1-2, 9)/ The rapture is a snatching not Him coming back twice (I Thes. 4:16-17, II Thes. 2:1b)/ They're separate and the day of the Lord happens after you (2:5, 12,I Thes. 4:17, 5:3a, 4-5)/ This is not for your calendar but to strengthen your character (2:2)


Verse 3:
Finally brothers, Paul evokes our memory (3:3)/ Christ is faithful in affliction, just be genuine inwardly (3:3-5)/ Committed to praying daily cause we're fighting an enemy (3:1-2)/ Trying to take me out the battle by using the sin in me (3:6)/ And speaking of sin, Paul charges us in (3:6)/ Staying away from the lazy and rebellious idle men (3:6)/ In hopes our actions would invoke some action (3:6)/ Paul's first letter warned and they ignored his passion (3:10, 7, I Thes. 4:9-12, I Thes. 5:14)/ Now the churches reaction has to be more drastic (3:6, 14)/ In hopes that they grasp it/and then repent of their actions (3:15, 12, 7)/ Lets recall Paul's behavior when he stayed with us (3:7-10, I Thes. 2:9-12)/ And how he labored night and day and never made a fuss (3:8)/ Man Paul is our model that we should be following (3:7)/ If a man doesn't work then that man shouldn't eat (3:10)/ Take note of those who disobey this command (3:14)/ Stand strong and quote, "I wrote this letter with my own hand"(Paul) (3:16-18)

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