Now They Know

116 Clique

Yeah, k to the second letter
How you want to do it homie?
I'm all up in it, down to the bone I feel it
Coming and breaking it down
with that wiggity wiggity style
Man we really be living it out on mission

Flow God, no lie, oh yeah
We bust rhymes, one ride, no stops
Take 'em to show dog, see the most high, so high
Leave 'em so shocked frozen face like botox

Ain't no, ain't no, ain't no stars up in this tour
See, the stars that my dogs love to applaud
Are the faithful saints that endure
You could never stop em'
You got a better chance winning the tour de france
With no legs against lance
Or seeing mr. Edward scissorhands
On instagram taking a selfie
Your hell freeze before I'm ashamed off in my lp

All them really wanna come see
This beat 1-3-1-3
Get ape when I speak
I'mma say my piece
Throw the peace sign with some boatload of truth
if you can't see
Yeah buddy, rollin' so deep it ain't funny
My beliefs on the back of that money
And I promise I ain't frontin'

I'm just tryna jump up on the track
and let 'em know I run it
Yeah buddy, uptown be the place I put on for
Faith got me living risky like I'm going for it on 4th & 11
I ain't talking bout' them concords, do you want more?
Blake in the paint I'mma bang for the cause
Unashamed be the lifestyle more then them tours
Oh lord he coming back like an encore
If ya' don't know now ya' know boy

They ain't even know we was out here
They gonna find out what we 'bout here
Cause everyday we turn up (all day!)
Yeah lights out cause the sun up (I know you see)

And now they know, now they know
Say now they know, now they know
Now they know, now they know
Now they knooww
Now they know, now they know
Now they knooww yeahh

I'm done with hiding
We won't be denied no more
Now they know
Always on my job
Y'all better check my resume
Numb to all the nonsense
Let's just call that novocaine
I'm so, I'm so, I'm so rmg

Light of the world when you look at me
Perfecting my king like he made me
never caged me like
Like cujo, I'm off the le-le-leash
We gon' find the proof it don't matter who you asking
Ra ra ra ra like a dungeon dragon
Doom doom doom hear the bass beat blastin'
All up in your face, unashamed for the masses

Woo! I heard they needed to know
my whole crew spittin' truth
Yeah you needed it though
Hold up
Can't keep it closed, that's cruel, it be cold
like the heat was low
Hold up
Yeah this is it, your time baby get up
and show 'em you with us
What burn at the core, like when you doin' sit ups

Unashamed, that's the message that we give 'em
I live it (woo!) til the day that I'm finished
Copy what he did and I'm still authentic, winning (woo!)
H-town my city, put it in the air
let me know that you with it
Like mayne, hold up, unashamed with my gang I told ya
My aim, no bane, no soap bruh
In pain, my game, his hope cuz

U-n-a-s-h-a-m-e-d we be goin' in
Recognize a real squad when you see mine
Don't it seem odd that we live our lives to please God
Press pause on a raw explicit (now you tripping)
Unashamed of the truth but unafraid to live it
Still afraid of the leaven though I see my dough rise
One of those guys actin' like nobody know God like I do

Speak my piece, keep my peace
So I ain't gotta keep my piece, capisce?
Click thick like a chain, try to take a link up out it
We ain't unashamed just because we rap about it, nah
We unashamed 'cause we live it
I'm throwing up the real
so they probably catching feelings
Give it away, give it away now, now nah that ain't it
I don't feel them till I hear them holla 116

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