Let no Man

116 Clique

Verse 1
It's been pressed upon my heart to write
to all of my fellow brethren in Christ
Epaphras brought me a concern my hopes is shedding some light (Col.4:12)
Its tight to see your faith but I have an alt with you Colossians
The problem is your faith is being wavered by the agnostics
Allowing them to teach you matters evil at best
And since our bodies are matter God couldn't be in the flesh
Their denying the fact that Christ was fully God and fully man
I fully stand saying who teaches this should be fully damned
I also understand your fallen in legalism
believing to be forgiven
Your in need of circumcision (2:11)
But I want you to grow in wisdom and truth
Having knowledge of His will bearing spiritual fruit (1:9-11)
But still and all I thank God for the light He's given y'all
I haven't ceased praying for you daily while in these prison walls (1:3-4)
But these are some of the reasons I chose to write this text
So take heed as you read and believe through Christ alone your blessed

Christ the Son of Man the Lamb But still God
Let no man persuade you different than this
King of Kings Lord of Lord He is
Let no Man persuade you different than this
So stand firm in the faith
So stand firm in the faith
So stand firm
Let no Man persuade you different than this
Let no man persuade you different than this
He's the full essence of God man in bodily form

Verse 2
Now concerning this issue of Christ He is the exact image of the invisible
God who is Spirit through Christ has become visible (1:15-16)
Son of God first born of us all and its not literal
He's chronologically first the best way to keep it biblical (1:15)
So what I'm saying is He was here before all beings
And Christ was not created but He has created all things (1:16) And provided all means
Needed to save men were stainless
Alone through Him were holy and blameless (1:19)
He's the Head of the church were just the body that's formed
He's the full essence of God man in bodily form (Col.1:18;Col.2:9)
I want you to see that Christ even rules in His seniority
Angels give Him the glory creation sees His authority (Col.1:18;2:18)
Christ has prevailed over the law of the lost
and yes He has paid your ransom its nailed to the cross (Col.2:13-15)
I want you to know I write this so no man can persuade you
But you'll stand firm in the Son who was crushed to save you (Col:4:12)


Verse 3
So if you were truly buried in baptism with Him and was raised up
Just as He has risen His will change us (2:20;3:1)
Our aim thus is changed up to seek the things
That are above, our lives loves to please the King (3:1-2)
Now were committed to putting to death our members
and every evil desire that's springing up from within us (3:5)
Our goal fam as believers you know our whole plan
Is daily look more like Christ and put off the old man (3:8-9)
Put on the new man the seeks to use
And stand firm there is no distinction between Greek and Jew (3:10-11)
The peace is through what was done
The lies should stop
salvation is through the son
circumcised or not (Col.3:11)
Let His word dwell in you richly to show that you've known Christ
Just as sho (sure) as you've grown right, fruit will show in your home life (3:16, 3:18-21)
I pray this encourages you when this is received by Tychicus
Written by Paul's hand remember my imprisonment (4:7,18)


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