116 Clique

They Talk about the Law (They Talk about the Law)
But they twisting the law (But they twisting the law)
the law is a tutor that leads us to Christ (3:24)
by faith justified and he gives us life 2:16)

Bridge 1
Got grace from the father in the Son were new/
Be filled with the spirit and bear some fruit /
Say bear some fruit (Say bear some fruit)
Say bear some fruit (Say bear some fruit)

Verse 1

Let me be clear I not here to please men (1:10)
If I was then I wouldn't be a servant of him (1:10)
Im shocked how quickly we turn from the real faith (1:6)
they want to discredit my ministry say I real fake
Im like Paul I got called on my way to Damascus
Commissioned by Christ to go preach to the masses
he wasn't a disciple when Christ took the lashes (1:15-2:14)
since the twelve didnt know him they question his passion (1:15-2:14)
but he preached a gospel that was grace related
not another from the Lord and the Judaizers hate it
false teachers come thru like wolves in disguise (2:4)
and some of my closest boys believe these lies (2:13)
we know those who teach this other gospel is accursed (1:6-9)
and you following these teachings dont benefit the church (3:10-13)
(The Application) not bound to your traditions (4:10)
Free from the law to the spirit Im submitting (2:19)


Bridge 2

I know I'm dirt I have nothing to prove
but be filled with spirit and bear some fruit
say bear some fruit (say bear some fruit)
say bear some fruit (say bear some fruit)
say bear some fruit (say bear some fruit)

Verse 2

Why you trying to rebuild what you once destroyed (2:18)
the contracts abolished the laws null and void (3:25)
its no longer I that lives but Christ that lives (2:20)
I no longer have the same priorities you dig
since I understand grace things have changed
If I'm justified by my works then he died in vain (2:21)
cause there is no fury known like the Savior scorned
trying to produce veil after the first was torn
the promise was given before the law ever came (3:14-29)
because there a law doesn't mean the promise has changed (3:14-29)
but what the law does do is shows we needed a promise (3:14-29)
seed of Abraham to whom we pay homage (3:14-29)
(The Application) if all this is true
how can I go back to the things I used to do (4:9)
you can read more, share more, do more things
but its only thru Christ by which we please the King


Bridge 3

Sanctified by the word cuz the word is truth
be filled with the spirit and bear some fruit
Say bear some fruit (Say bear some fruit)

Verse 3
They want justification from the law they've fallen from grace (5:4)
they pretty much denied Christ even died in their place
we eagerly await the hope of righteousness by faith (5:5)
by faith fulfill the law with love not hate (5:6,14)
but I hate my flesh, its bad for my health (5:16-21)
gotta serve my community while dying to myself (5:13)
cuz myself is nothing but a thief and a liar (5:21)
but Christ has crucified my passions and desires (5:24)
if I'm trippin in community your boy will hear it
gotta restore that cat with the fruit of the spirit (6:1)
without submitting to the spirit your boy cant grow (5:16)
and trying to do more, we just reap what we so (6:7)
(The application) walk in the spirit in every situation (5:25)
I'm crucified to the world I'm a new creation (6:14)
Just as Christ is the architect to salvation
the spirit is essential to sanctification

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