116 Clique

Verse 1:
To my fam in The Faith, stay away from a gospel that's fake
It's falsified they deny the fact that all can be saved (1:3)
Jews and Gentiles alike y'all we're one and the same (1:15)
Cause we're saved from the penalty that's after the grave
Don't be swayed by false teachin' from heathens with swift speakin' (4:2)
Cause they're like ravenous wolves, they savage on sheep sleepin'
Attackin' while we're peepin', apostasy straight creepin'
Believe them and you're in danger you follow doctrines of demons so, (4:1)
Don't get caught in idle talk and disputes (1:6)
Instead guard your flock and show 'em how to walk in the truth
Don't ever let anybody despise your youth (4:12)
Be an example through your actions in everything that you do (4:12)

What it is? (what it is?)
It's the Church (it's the church)
Listen In (listen in)
Put in work (put in work)
No more church corruption (Naw)
No more church distruction (Naw)
First Timothy (Yeah)
These are your instructions...

Verse 2:
Writin' to Christians fullfillin' the Great Commission
While we're out upon the block callin' all the lost to repentance (2:4)
Fulfillin' evangelism reguardless if we're in prison
Rep the risen 'til they listen we got a vision for missions
Rewriting the definition of doing our Father's business
We the witness to the paganist nations makin' a difference
Christ is the mediator who takes and changed our existence (2:5)
Cause we've fallen from the state where He made us naked and sinless
The ransom was paid for men were depraved (2:5-6)
The death and the grave couldn't hold Him, He rose in three days
The Ancient of Days crushed Him like a can under weight
To provide an escape route so that men could be saved
The sin that we crave left us feeling lonely and pain
While we was trapped in our transgressions like a rat in a maze
The sacrifice that Christ provided is the only way (2:5)
If death were today remember me by spreading The Faith


Verse 3:
Now saints in these last days some will depart from The Faith (4:1)
Follow deceitful teachings preached by the god's of this age (4:1)
That's why I urge you to remain in the ways you've been trained (4:6)
Provide a self-examination so that you won't be strayed
Beware of the wolf rockin' the sheep's fit
They deceive quick, able with fables and street myths (1:4)
As the clock ticks so our condition gets more sick
Our condition is fallen so Christ gave us a free gift
For this end saints we toil and strive (4:10)
Cause we set our hope and our worship on the God that's alive (4:10)
Who's redeeming His people that's the reason He died (4:10)
Christ is our satisfaction so in Him we abide
Last but not least these things I charge unto you
Pursue godliness and do it like He's callin' you to (6:11)
Shepherd the flock continue teaching them in wisdom and truth
Until the day we meet again fam, Grace be with you (6:21)


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