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    1. Locked & Loaded
    2. Revolution
    3. Crackin' the Whip (Invasion)
    4. Winds of War
    5. Crown of Thorns
    6. Bogeyman
    7. Beauty And a Beast
    8. Fuguetta - (Instrumental)
    9. Cherokee Warrior
    10. Guardian Angel
    11. Let the Good Times Roll
    12. Revelation (Drinking With the Devil)
    13. Magic And Mayhem - (Instrumental)
    14. Exile
    15. The Hunt
    16. Russian Roulette
    17. Unleash the Fury
    18. Paraphrase - (Instrumental)
    19. Special Lesson Insight #1 (Bonus Video Clips)

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    Now you look away
    Onto the horizon
    Kneel and pray
    You better pray for your life
    Piece by piece
    It all becomes clearer
    Now the chains are off
    And the demons are here

    See no evil
    Hear no evil
    Speak no evil
    Oh no

    The structure falls
    As the spell has been broken
    Now the hunt begins
    The tempest is near
    Now there is no doubt
    You will fall their pray
    There's no way out
    Your soul can't be saved

    See no evil
    Hear no evil
    Speak no evil
    Oh no

    It will all turn to ashes
    As they are burning it down
    It will all come to pass
    And they will be taking you down
    So now the hunters ride
    And soon they will be upon you
    The wall will rise again
    You better pray for your soul

    See no evil
    Hear no evil
    Speak no evil
    Oh no

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