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    I want to be stronger & faster & thinner,
    It doesn't seem like that should be too much to ask,
    Everywhere I look I see a perfect image,
    Medicine man, can you make this vision last?

    Medicine man, give me your cosmic answer,
    A word & a cure to make a good life better,
    I don't want to forget when I'm older,
    So keep me young forever.

    The purpose should be clear, but I can't see it,
    Medicine man, will you replace these tired eyes?
    Free my mind & my conscience will follow,
    Tell the blind judge it's okay for me to get high.


    I feel so alone & I want pretty babies,
    Medicine man, will you help me to create?
    I lied when I said I don't care about the future,
    It was the medicine, man, that made me talk that way.

    Oh, medicine man...

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