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    1.) You think I'm against your revolution
    You think I don't understand you, right?
    You tink the world 's unfair and nasty and you
    You think I don't wanna try to understand

    But I don't wanna think about
    my house being to small
    Cause I wanna see in the distance
    watched my boots for far too long

    And I don't wanna care 'bout my headache
    I don't wanna care 'bout bad moods
    Oh please oh my mother see I don't
    Wanna care 'bout dirty shoes

    When all you can see are just your feet and
    All you can do is to complain
    And all you can need is just the best
    And all you can live for
    Is just a lie, is just a lie

    2.) Do you really think when you stamp your feet it's a revolution
    'n do you really think that I'm not able to understand
    'n do you really think the world 's discriminated against you
    but if you relly were I think you would'nt think about this crap

    Have you seen the childrens eyes full of grief and tears
    And have you seen that their smiling faces are small but so brave
    And have you heard the womens scream while they were loosin their face
    And have you seen the men workin' hard on their never ending day

    3.) 'n I think you don't wanna cry on my shoulder
    Don't you see you leave me standin' in the rain
    'n I think you should'nt treat me like a child ma
    Don't you see you're the little child, more than me

    What's the truth oh what's the truth god
    Am I working for the truth
    I need I need I need your truth

    But today you breakin me
    I can't stand it anymore
    To far to far to far
    No further no more

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