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    On Mars, this is my punishment
    I'm bored with guarding scientists
    It's no fun because I live for War

    Phobos calling out Distress
    Deployed alone into this mess
    Gateways free a Demonic Swarm

    They're comin' Fresh outta Hell

    I Stand knee deep in the dead
    One man against hellish dead
    If I fail, mankind is doomed

    Blood-stained on the shores of hell
    Enter the Inferno Realm
    Possessed, thy flesh consumed

    They're comin' Fresh outta Hell

    Driven by the overwhelming evil in the air
    Storming through the gates into the Cyber-Demon's lair
    Falling into darkness, I'm blind to the attack
    Crossing through the gateway, I'm never coming back

    They're comin' Fresh outta Hell

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