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    The elves and the dwarves
    They will fight
    From the shadows
    Into the night
    ?And the Tarasque makes a sound like?

    -Verse 1-
    An elven scout comes riding in, a message many died to bring
    An attack upon the elven lands a Duergar army comes to win
    Lead by an evil mage they come to rape and plunder
    Kill they elves all they have said, they mean to bring us under


    -Verse 2-
    From the realm of the elven lands a soldier is born of every man
    We will quell these buggers from our land
    They will die with their hearts in our hands - you have desecrated our land
    You have brought filth to our homes. You laid this sickness upon us


    The mage made a pact with an evil god
    To call forth a demon from the underworld
    The Tarasque sent to maim each and every foe
    What he wrought shall begot each man
    We elves hath said we shall quell this eternal foe
    The Duergar and this mage will be imprisoned in death


    -Breakdown/Guitar Solo-


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