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    Her time has come as the day draws to close
    In my arms she wont die alone
    Exquisite she, love of mine, don't leave me now
    Eyes blind, to the truth, but still I see...

    Forgive me!

    Take me down! to your depths
    Where I can grieve
    Stoic face, despite the pain
    This loss I feel
    But you betray, forsake my love
    And end my dreams

    Turn away from this path
    The road of your destiny
    The pain will die or you will try
    Only time will tell

    And so it begins... the road through sorrow's bane...

    Release the pain you feel
    You betrayed, tore out my heart
    Left me to die
    But beware lamb of god
    I come for you

    Forsaken was my love
    Betrayed was my heart
    I will grieve no longer for you
    Until the end of my days!

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