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    Raising soul from the bleeding again
    Burns your hands in fire
    Make it bleed.
    Hear the promise you denied
    Heal the wings of the eagle awake
    Ancients call, from beyond
    Can you run?
    See the fires out again

    Roaming souls
    And floating moans
    Every moon you shout it
    Let rebelion dominate your rage
    Perverse instinct in remorse
    Bloody judgment
    Painfull cross
    Let the last word speaks your own repent

    Read the lines from beyond the pale
    The innocent revenge of a man
    Can you hide?
    There's no time for masquerades
    Inmaculate law
    Shows no remorse
    Last repenting soul
    No time to fall
    Can you beg?
    Hear the wemen cries awake

    Last repenting soul
    Feeling no remorse
    Theres no time return

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