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    am I still alive?
    I think I've got it right.
    I'm, I'm made of light.
    Before I leave and go away,
    I have some things that I must say.
    Before I am gone.
    Finally now I see,
    there's so much inside of me.
    Is everyone innocent?
    The blood on the ground is almost dry
    I'll take this chance, I'll try...
    I'll try to tell you...
    There's so many possibilities,
    that I'm just starting to see.
    It's like the poets that have always said,
    when life is hanging from a thread...
    you can hear that voice in your head.
    And now my heart's done bleeding,
    but I've just started seeing.
    I feel my courage match the tide
    as I see the other side.
    When will we hear this voice all the time?
    Just like a child in mother's arms,
    I know I'm warm and safe, no harm
    from whatever comes from now on.

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